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Christmas Cleanup Time

​ Holiday Cleanup Tips and Tricks

 All that preparation, decorating and cooking was a success! Your family and friends had the perfect Christmas and now has come the time to clean it all up. Getting your place back into shape can be a daunting task!

At NovaRae Interiors, we are all about making your new year goal's easier. We work with the creative and energetic Cleaner/Organizer, Melissa Wilson at BeeOK Services and have collaborated to collect some smart tips for disassembling and organizing.


*Take some pictures of all your hard work! It's a greatreference for next year!

*Create mini goals so you avoid feeling overwhelmed.

*Reward yourself with each mini milestone. A specialty coffee or a glass of red perhaps? It is your vacation too, right?!

Organize Your Storage Space
You want your storage bins to fit in your shelving or storage space properly rather than trying to squeeze them. Write a list of all the categories you have before you go shopping for storage bins so you can determine how many bins you will need and what dimensions fit your storage space. Be sure to give yourself a little wiggle room if you can so you can slide them in and out as needed.

  • Bigger and Deeper Bins - Lights, wreaths or garland
  • Medium Bins - Ornaments, table decor, tree skirt, stockings
  • Small Bins : Light hooks, ornament hooks, tape, tags, tissue, ribbon, bows, wrapping, bags

Carefully Strip the Tree and Store Decorations

Save time for next year when it's time to do it all over again. Use as much care putting your decorations away as you did putting them up. Here's some tips;

  • Use Empty Christmas wrapping paper tubes (Or paper towel rolls) to keep your lights from tangling up.
  • Separate non-breakables, leave the hooks on and throw them in your storage box.
  • Reuse original packaging or wrapping paper and tissue paper for breakables and put them in their storage box.
  • Break down your storage boxes into Categories. Fragile, Non-breakable, Table clothes, trees, lights, Larger Decorations, Etc.
  • Label
  • Donate ornaments and Decorations that you are no longer using, cut the non-working, tattered and tired

 Clean out the Fridge

Between all the holiday parties you've likely attended and hosted, you no doubt have an excess of leftovers in the fridge. If you haven't done a thorough cleanup in a while, now's the time to tackle it..

  • Do it one shelf at a time,
  • Keep a trash bag on deck, and light a candle
  • Wipe down all the surfaces and doors
  • Organize by food group

Carpet Stains

Spilled a glass of red wine? Dropped the holiday dessert? Your floors probably aren't as clean as they were before the holidays hit.

  • For meat and cooking spills, go for a meat tenderizer to remove spots and salt.
  • Use white wine for those red wine accidents.
  • White vinegar for pretty much everything else.
  • Don't forget to show your hardwood floors and tiles in the kitchen and bathroom some love, too.

Donate. Donate. Donate.

I love the idea for every new toy the kids get, donate two older ones and you may not need three two or three chip and dip sets. Time to donate and declutter.

*Remember: Putting donation bags directly in your car is a good way to get it out of the house and on it's way.

Seek Assistance!

If your are feeling too overwhelmed ask for help! Melissa at "Bee Ok

Services" can help you with all your Cleaning and Organizing needs! (250) 681-3276

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