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Spring Color Schemes......these are beautiful and warming - spring is around the corner!!

Color Scheme Inspiration: Spring Awakening Palette

Here at Sensational Color, ideas for new and interesting color palettes comes easily. We either close our eyes and imagine beautiful combinations or open our eyes to the gorgeous schemes in the world around us for inspiration.

To give you a peak into our heads we’ll be putting together a series of color schemes inspired by things I enjoy. I hope you like this colorful addition to the information we share and gain the inspiration to create your own beautiful color scheme.

Pink clover and purple flowers photographs with color palette

You may often see advice telling you to begin your decorating project by looking for inspiration. I don’t recommend this as the first or even second step in the process. You can’t pick a color scheme out of context.

Take time to closely look at what you are working with in your space and set the direction for where you want to go. Then you can start looking for inspiration to help guide you find new colors that will work with your existing furnishings or permanent elements in the room. Here are a few tips for thinking about color and inspiration pieces.

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